• Cupcake Moscato d'Asti DOCG 750ML

    Cupcake our Moscato is vibrant and expressive with floral notes that dominate with hints of peach and flavors of tropical fruits and lychee. It is a soft and luscious wine with just a hint of effervescence to tickle the palate and balance the sweetness. With bright fruit flavors and finesse, it's reminiscent of a pineapple right-side up cupcake. Food Pairing Recommendations: Enjoy with mascarpone cheese or with any dessert such as fresh berries and cream or vanilla bean poached pears.

  • Fish Eye Moscato 3L

    Pear nectar, a nice bit of acidity and not as sweet as you'd think. Quite pleasant, and my favorite of the trio. I preferred it chilled at the end of a long hot day.

  • Flore de Moscato 750ML

    A cool stream of citrus and peaches tickles your tongue and enlivens your evenings. Our Salt of the Earth Flore de Moscato is made at summer's end by crushing succulent, freshly harvested muscat grapes. The juices are slightly fermented in steel tanks and quickly chilled to retain their delectable sugar and natural spritz. Made solely with pure ripe Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli grapes, Salt of the Earth Flore de Moscato gives you the freedom to drink it whenever and with whatever you wish: as a cool afternoon refreshment; accompanied by fruit, cheeses, roast beef, or other savory and spicy foods and later in the evening to keep your night going strong. Salt of the Earth defies traditional wine categories, and challenges you to simply enjoy it wherever you are.

  • Franzia Moscato 5L

    Our Vintner Select wines are easy to drink wines that are "true to the varietal" flavor without the overpowering flavor of oak. This Moscato has ripe, juicy peach and apricot nuances and flavors that are extraordinarily fruit-filled.

  • Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato 750ML

    Innocent Bystander's pale pink serve of Moscato is a refreshing sipper, offering delicious aromas of pink grapefruit, mandarin, cotton candy and toffee apples. On the off-dry palate, rhubarb crumble, toffee apple and sherbet ice cream characters are lifted by a fresh acid zing and a gentle mouth-tingling fizz. The classy bottle flaunts a crown seal to maintain absolute freshness and a lively spritz. Enjoy immediately (chilled down) or cellar up to twelve months.

  • Marco Negri Moscato d'Asti DOCG 750ML

    Marco Negri Moscato d’Asti DOCG wine is made with 100% Moscato bianco grapes. This pale golden wine is light and elegant with a rich, fruity bouquet and a taste that is beautifully balanced between sweetness and acidity. Low in alcohol and slightly fizzy, it is delicious and very easy to drink. It serves as a superb accompaniment to desserts and since it is low in alcohol, is also an excellent aperitif.

  • Mia Dolcea Moscato d'Asti 750ML

    Mia Dolcea Moscato d'Asti comes from the renowned Asti region in Piedmont, a premier growing location in Italy. Mia Dolcea Moscato d'Asti is soft, sweet and luscious with flavors of pineapple, fresh apricot and honey.

  • Mirassou Moscato California 750ML

    A crisp, refreshing wine with fruit aromas of orange blossoms, peaches, pineapples and citrus. These bright and fruit-forward aromas extend to the palate through luscious flavors of sweet tropical fruit, mandarin oranges and honey.

  • Moscato Primo Amore Puglia IGT Zonin 750ML

    After the grapes are selected the juice is fermented until it reaches 7% alcohol. Then the grape's natural sugar content is preserved by refrigeration in order to give the wine its unique sweet and aromatic characteristics. Straw-yellow with golden reflections. Fruity and very inviting, with intense scents of peaches and exotic fruit. Refreshing and delicately sweet with hints of stone fruit on the finish. Try it with spicy food or with desserts like apple pie and ice cream, lemon meringue or cheese cake.

  • Myx Fusions Moscato & Coconut 4PK 187ML

    Myx Fusions is the name of a drink by Nicki Minaj. It is a fruit infused moscato beverage, blended with natural fruit juices and flavors. Discover layers of refreshing, mellow coconut mingling with Moscato's nectar allusions. Taste the tingling of fresh, fizzing fruits while swaying to the breeze and celebrating the exotic taste of the tropics.

  • Myx Fusions Moscato & Peach 4PK 187ML

    Myx Fusions is the name of a drink by Nicki Minaj. It is a fruit infused moscato beverage, blended with natural fruit juices and flavors. Drawing on the already peachy highlights of Moscato Wine, Myx Fusions Moscato & Peach enlivens the taste and aroma of the ripe, summer nectar. Fragrant, fruity bubbles are the passageway to a sweet, sparkling getaway.

  • Myx Fusions Moscato 4PK 187ML

    The seductive taste of Moscato Wine is enriched with hints of apricot, vanilla and honey. Natural fruit juices and effervescent bubbles refresh the palette and leave with a sweet and subtle finish.MYX

  • Post Familie Moscato 750ML

    Sweet, the taste of the American South. Clean, fresh finish

  • Quady Electra White Muscato 750ML

    With the first sip you feel the wine- light as springtime, delicately sweet, refreshingly crisp, a bouquet of flowers with the taste of peach and melon. Electra is electricity for the mouth! "In 1990, we decided to produce a new type of dessert wine, light, delicate, easy to drink, and very refreshing. We tasted Orange Muscat grape juice as it was turning into wine. When the juice was just on the verge — halfway between wine and grape juice, a small test batch was bottled. The wine tasted wonderful, but the alcohol was only 4% (most wines are at least 12%). The wine was bottled using sterile filtration to prevent re-fermentation and the new creation named Electra after the electric like texture one notices on the tip of the tongue. "Electra goes with summer fruits (strawberries, nectarines, peaches, melons), salads, spicy Asian and Indian foods, light desserts, blue skies and fresh air. And with only 4% alcohol, you can still play volleyball after the picnic."- Quady Winery

  • Rex-Goliath Central Coast Moscato 1.5L

    Our Moscato is bright, crisp and decadent. It's well balanced with just the right acidity combined with floral aromas that bloom into deliciously sweet flavors of peach and apricot. I liken our Moscato to sipping on liquid gold. It's so good, you'll be tempted to put your dessert aside and enjoy this refreshing wine alone. Perfect anytime - as an aperitif, with light cheeses, sorbets, or fruit.

  • Risata Moscato d'Asti 750ML

    Risata Moscato d'Asti is fresh, fragrant, and frizzante with vibrant, flavors and aromas of ripe stone fruit, tangerines, and honey. The wine is concentrated and flavorful, but not overly rich or heavy; sweet, yet balanced. Food Pairings: Pairs well with before dinner, after dinner, spicy dishes, tiramisu, panettone, toasted hazelnuts, apricots and figs drizzled with honey or cake.

  • Risata Pink Moscato 750ML

    Risata Pink Moscato is a must for any occasion, boasting soft bubbles, bright acidity and tantalizing sweetness. This wine is bursting with juicy flavors of strawberry, cherry and raspberry, finishing sweet and well balanced.

  • Secco Italian Bubbles Moscato 750ML

    Secco White peach, lychee and jasmine in the aroma and on the palate. This wine is so flavorful, and at 5% alcohol, one glass is never enough!

  • Simply Naked Unoaked Moscato 750ML

    This is a crisp, sweetly balanced wine with floral notes and flavors of orange marmalade, peach and honey. Pears well with fresh fish, lamb, or just drink on its own!

  • Skinnygirl Moscato 750ML

    This bronzed Italian beauty can spruce up any soiree with her sweet & chic style. Lightly effervescent, our low-cal Moscato wine slightly sparkles with notes of pear, peach and mango for a refreshing, yet delicate sip. To put it plainly, Skinnygirl™ Moscato is simply sweet! You can take our Moscato wine anywhere, from a laid-back picnic to a formal affair. She’s elegant and classy, while still down-to-earth -- just how we like it!

  • Stella Rosa Moscato d’ Asti DOCG 750ML

    Moscato d’ Asti is a “semi sweet” wine made from the Moscato di Canelli grape from the Piedmont region of Italy. Sweet but not overly sweet with just enough bubbles. Great as an aperitif or with light meals. Refreshing taste with a clean finish.

  • Stella Rosa Stella Peach Moscato 750ML

    Stella Peach® is a Moscato-based blend infused with natural white and yellow peach flavors. It’s a semi-sweet and lightly sparkling wine that will leave a delicate flavor on your palate and nose.

  • Terra Andina Sparkling Moscato 750ML

    The Sparkling wine inside is chic, refreshing, and like Brazil itself, fun and full of life. You can expect tropical and floral notes with a seductive sweetness. This Sparkling Moscato goes great as an aperitif, with brunch, at a party, or just hanging out with friends... whichever comes first.

  • The Naked Grape Moscato 3L Box

    That pure and honest personality is what draws us to them, just like the true, and flavorfully sweet taste of The Naked Grape Moscato. With just a touch of fizz, and aromas of peach and orange blossom, its clean finish makes it the kind of sweet that’s always delightful. So let’s raise a glass to laughing and smiling for no reason. Bare it all.