• B Cellars Blend 24 750ML

    B Cellars Blend 24 is consistently an incredible wine for the price and speaks so much to the value that can be found in wines today. It is not a bashful blend and represents the best of premium Cabernet, Petite Sirah and the noble Sangiovese. The flavor is forward and rustic in style. This a tribute to the Petite Sirah that provides the blend with a canvas of this wonderful reddish/black color from which aromas of bright red cherry, cola berries, spicebox and garrigue radiate. The bounty of aromatics leads to flavors of hard red candy, blackberry and hints of minerality. The mid-palate is complex and is supported by muscular tannins. Old world in several respects, this wine should age well over the next 8 yrs.

  • B Cellars Blend 25 750ML

    This wine begins with a deep garnet hue leading immediately to sensations of blackberry, ripe black cherry and herbs de Provence; followed by plush maraschino cherries, lifted barrel vanillin and a wide array of black fruit aromatics. The evolution persists for several minutes. The palate is packed with black fruit, enveloped in round tannins and plenty of structure. Balanced, generous, smooth and polished

  • B Cellars Syrah 750ML

    Cellars Syrah has a fantastic color of deep, dark ruby and purple hues. Delicious notes of stewed plums, candied black fruit and baked cherry pie are laden with sweet oak and briary undertones. A stunning and broad palate with firm and consistent flavors of black stone fruit, dried currants and minerality; this wine possesses bright and complex tannins making it cellar worth for 8-10 years.

  • B. R. Cohn Gold Label Cabernet Sauvignon 750ML

    I had a chance to sample one of these blends recently, the B.R. Cohn Gold Label Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Cab (or even any wine from California) and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy one that’s got a complex array of dark fruit and spice notes. The B.R. Cohn Gold Label Cabernet has rich notes of black cherry, blackberry, and plum and finished smooth with a hint of chocolate. It’s bold and (at 14.5% alcohol) strong, but not overpowering. My measure of likability is how it gets me in the jaw, and this one did not; it was smooth and enjoyable. Too enjoyable; I had to remind myself of its strength on the second pour. The Gold Label Cab is the big brother to the vineyard’s Silver Label Cab, popular and highly rated as an “entry-level” and affordable wine.

  • B. R. Cohn Olive Hill Estate Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 750ML

    B. R. Cohn this wine has pronounced aromas and flavors of plum, black currant, and cherry. Luscious berry and cherry flavors fill the palate, and silky tannins follow through to a warm, lasting finish. A bouquet of fine oak, anise and mint combined with supple tannin and a long finish to produce a well-balanced rich full-bodied Cabernet that will age well for years to come and drink well at your table now.

  • B. R. Cohn Sangiacomo Vineyard Chardonnay 750ML

    B. R. Cohn this Chardonnay is made exclusively from grapes grown at the Sangiacomo Vineyard in the Carneros Region of the southern Sonoma Valley. This wine is rich and concentrated with aromas of tropical fruit, pear, apricot, and lemon meringue surrounded by a bouquet of toasty oak, vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut. Luscious mouthfeel and bright flavors of honey, pear, apple, and citrus make this a perfect wine with food, especially seafood or poultry. It is 100% barrel fermented and aged in all new Burgundian French oak barrels.

  • B. R. Cohn Silver Label Cabernet Sauvignon 750ML

    B. R. Cohn complex and full, rich aromas of plum, cassis and black cherry are accompanied by a bouquet of the finest French oak, cedar, cola, anise, vanilla, and nutmeg. On the palate, our Silver Label is a big rich Cabernet with luscious flavors of dried berry and cherry, ample tannin, and a long finish.

  • B. R. Cohn Sonoma Valley Zinfandel 750ML

    B. R. Cohn Zinfandel is produced from grapes selected from the finest quality vineyards in the Sonoma Valley. This combination yields a blend of berry and cherry aromas mingled with the bouquet of creamy vanilla custard and a hint of peppercorn and clove. This Zinfandel is full-bodied and warm with a long smooth berry flavored finish. B.R. Cohn Zinfandel is aged for 18 months in carefully chosen French and American oak barrels. This wine compliments a wide range of foods such as lamb, duck and all cuts of steak and ribs. I hope you enjoy this wine as much as my family and I do.

  • B&J Fuzzy Navel 4PK 12oz

    Another of our popular cocktail flavored coolers, this delightful flavor has a delicate mix of peach and orange and is the perfect complement to any occasion or picnic. Our Fuzzy Navel is truly a delicious and refreshing beverage choice.

  • B&J Strawberry Daiquiri 4PK 12oz

    B&J Strawberry Daiquiri is a rich and fruity strawberry blend that is sure to be your favorite and is a great addition for any gathering or cookout.

  • Bacardi 8 Year Rum 750ML

    Very aromatic on the nose, offering up rich waves of cocoa bean, vanilla extract, molasses, dark caramel, and old oak. Generously sweet but gently blanketed to the taste buds.

  • Bacardi Coconut Rum 750ML

    A balanced approach to the coconut flavoring; aeration allows delightful, low-key and unsweetened coconut perfume to appear. Palate entry is moderately sweet and coconut-like; by midpalate, the coconut flavor turns drier and crisper. Finish is long, and savory. Terrific in any piña coladA.

  • Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum 750ML

    Mixes the light, fruity flavor of strawberry with the crisp, fresh flavor of dragon fruit. This is the first use of dragon fruit in spirits, and its infusion into strawberry rum provides a versatile taste. Bacardi Dragon Berry was designed for mixability and can be used to create any cocktail with mixers such as ginger ale, lemonade and lemon-lime beverages.

  • Bacardi Gold Rum

    Golden amber in color, Bacardi Gold is mellow and smooth with nuances of vanilla and, spices and tropical fruits on a subtle backdrop of oak.

  • Bacardi Light Strawberry Daiquiri Classic 1.75L

    "Natural flavors, certified colors, and artificial sweeteners." The color: an orangey glowing pink. The scent: strawberry bubble gum and cotton candy

  • Bacardi Limon Rum

    The original modern icon from Bacardi. It's chic, adult, innovative, and desirable. Bacardi has crafted Limon in honor of the long-lasting tradition of drinking BACARDI rums on the rocks with lime.

  • Bacardi Mojito Classic Cocktail 1.75L

    For over a century, Bacardi Rum has been the key ingredient to the finest tasting Mojito cocktail. From the world's great rum maker, experience the ultimate mojito cocktail prepared with Bacardi superior rum, cool mint, and lime.

  • Bacardi O Orange Rum 750ML

    Bold with the taste of ripe fresh oranges. Only the most desired flavors from the best oranges are selected for inclusion in Bacardi O. Tangerines, mandarin and Valencia oranges from Sicily, Brazil, Israel and Florida are combined with pure Bacardi Rum for an unparalleled taste and aroma that's truly magnetic.

  • Bacardi Oakheart Smooth Spiced Rum

    A tribute to the legendary and modern day adventurer. The spirit honors their core essence: a fierce loyalty, stout-heart and unwavering resolve. These timeless qualities are reflected in the bold taste of BACARDI OAKHEART; a smooth, spiced rum with a hint of smokiness and a unique velvet like smoothness. Straight from the heart of charred American white oak barrels, this expertly blended premium, dark rum specialty contains natural flavors and spices. Choice spices such as maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and vanilla are added to the rum which is filtered through a proprietary process. The result is a bold, spiced rum straight from the heart of charred oak barrels with an amber hue, a hint of smokiness and unique velvet-like smoothness. Rich and oaky on the nose, with hints of smoke and dried fruit, this exceptional spiced rum has a robust flavor that stands up to any challenge. Slightly sweet and peppery with a noticeable rum-kick, BACARDI OAKHEART tastes great straight or combined with cola and served over ice in a chilled stein glass.

  • Bacardi Peach Red Rum 750ML

    Brings fresh peach flavor to the heart of any cocktail. Sweet nectar from 100% natural California freestone peaches are infused with smooth Bacardi rum for the perfect taste of peach.

  • Bacardi Pineapple Fusion Rum 750ML

    Pineapple Fusion is a one of a kind product that fuses the sweet notes of pineapple rum with the toasted flavors of coconut rum. With this new flavor, BACARDI delivers an unforgettable taste experience, fusing the attitude and energy of the Caribbean to keep the party going all night long. After all, BACARDI has more than 150 years of experience mastering the craft of rum-making and starting great parties.

  • Bacardi Superior Rum

    It is classic Bacardi rum, the soul of the Bacardi brand - youthful, high-quality, sociable, sensual and passionate.

  • Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum 750ML

    Combining the rich, bold taste of Barbados cherries with the light, smooth infusion of Torch Plant Aloe. BACARDI Torched Cherry flavored rum is a refreshing spirit with a distinguished taste. Torch Plant aloe is a succulent, nectar-rich ingredient indigenous to South Africa. It pairs ideally with Barbados cherries, also known as Acerola, a fruit that has recently received considerable attention for its versatility and sweet, robust flavor.

  • Backwoods Green Apple Moonshine

    The highest quality, smoothest taste, best flavors and best blends available in the United States. Backwoods Moonshine is a Premium Craft Spirit. Popular natural flavor Green Apple is 80 proof and deliver the smoothest taste and cleanest finish in the category.