• Osborne Cream Sherry 750ML

    Woody, resinous aromas give way to caramel, fig and roasted walnut flavors. It has character, settling into a long, walnut and molasses aftertaste." Enjoy after dinner. Wine Enthusiast 87 "Nice and familiar, and very much in the sweet, creamy style. There's almond candy and caramel on the palate and then maple syrup on the finish. Soft and sweet throughout, with just enough acidity and complexity to save it from being boring.

  • Osborne Manzanilla Fino Sherry 750ML

    Elegant yet persistent, this outstanding Sherry combines a broad structure with subtle and lingering mineral, flint, petrol and vanilla flavors. Quality this high at a price this low is increasingly rare--enjoy.

  • Osborne Pale Dry Fino Sherry 750ML

    Osborne Fino is a pale, straw colored wine with a fresh, impeccably dry crispness. It has a clean palate, and an extraordinary almond-like fragrance. This wine should be served very cold and is excellent with olives, salted nuts, and shellfish.

  • Paul Masson Marsala 750ML

    A deep golden color, full-bodied, fragrant sherry, sweet but balanced with a lively tang of citrus flavors and aromas.

  • Post Familie Concord 750ML

    Sweet, fresh grape-y flavors accompany a warm finish

  • Quady Red Electra Muscato 750ML

    Quady Red Electra is a yummy wine with only 5% alcohol, a pretty red color, a grapy sweet taste, and a tangy, spritzy mouth feel. It's a good wine for angels to drink when they party. We don't advise drinking Red Electra before noon. Red Electra has attitude. Red Electra will change your attitude. If you take Red Electra to a party, it will change everybody's attitude.

  • Quinta do Noval Black 750ML

    Quinta do Noval Black is a revolutionary new style of port. The bright aromatics, incredible freshness and perfect balance bring it outside the stodgy "vintage-character" category. Enjoy it any time: Chilled. Before dinner. After. For a seductive edge to cocktails. As an indulgence with chocolate. The custom-designed bottle is distinctive, modern yet timeless, reflecting the uniqueness of Noval Black. It is simply the most beautiful port bottle we've seen.

  • Quinta do Portal 27 Grapes Ruby Reserve Port 750ML

    Quinta do Portal this wine is a field blend from the classic Douro grape varieties planted in traditional vineyards. The best lots of selected ruby ports are blended each year to make this Ruby Reserve. It is a very smooth, polished and elegant after dinner Port. It has wonderful depth of colour, a great red fruit fragrance, very smooth on the palate with a fantastic character. The excellent and complex finish is only possible in great Ports. It is definitely very good value. A perfect and elegant after dinner Port. Also a good match with chocolate and red fruit desserts as well as soft cheeses.

  • Quinta do Portal Tawny Port 10 year old 750ML

    Quinta do Portal this is produced mainly from Tinta Roriz and Touriga Franca grapes, which are carefully crushed in our old stone tanks (lagares). Pale amber in colour, this wine has an intense aroma of walnuts and almonds. In the mouth it still shows some ripe fruit flavours which are well balanced with the ageing flavours of dry fruits. Best enjoyed at 16ºC with sweet desserts, or even as aperitif with foie-gras.

  • Summerside Butlers Choice Dessert Wine 375ML

    Summerside luscious deep garnet colored Port style blend.

  • Taylor Cream Sherry

    A full bodies, moderately sweet sherry with nuances of toffee and roasted nuts. Delicious with dessert or for just sipping. Serve over ice or at room temperature.

  • Taylor Dry Sherry

    Taylor Dry Sherry is a wonderful dessert wine that is light golden in color with a slightly nutty aroma and complexity, which is dry and a little astringent. With a special selection of high-quality, sweet, and smooth dessert wines, Taylor is great for cooking or simply enjoying as an after-dinner treat.

  • Taylor Fladgate 10 Yr Tawny Porto 750ml

    From the winery... ”An exceptionally fine old blend, aged for an average of ten years in oak casks. Elegant and smooth, combining delicate wood notes and rich mellow fruit. It is bottled for immediate drinking. Excellent with soft cheeses such as brie, and a superb dessert wine, particularly with dishes made with coffee or almonds. Taylor 10 year Tawny Port is delicious served lightly chilled at the end of the meal."

  • Taylor Port Wine

    Taylor Port is a rich, moderately sweet, ruby red Port. A rich fruity taste and smooth finish create a unique taste and depth of character. With a special selection of high-quality, sweet, and smooth dessert wines, Taylor is great for cooking or simply enjoying as an after-dinner treat.

  • Tokaj Kereskedohaz Tokaji Aszú 3 Puttonyos 500ML

    Tokaj Kereskedohaz the term aszú refers to the shrivelled grape berries that are created by way of overripe grapes and noble-rot (botrytisation) occurring upon the vines. The aszú wine is made of grape berries that have shrivelled and stewed as a result of noble rot, under attack by the botrytis cinerea fungus. If after a warm summer the cool, foggy dawns are followed by sunshine, due to the beneficial effect of the fungus the process of botrytisation commences. The making of aszú wine is extremely labour intensive. The aszú berries are selected from the vines by hand after which they are collected in wooden vessels "puttonys" (butts) each of which is capable of storing 20-25 kg of aszú berries. The puttony number between 3-6 designates how many aszú berries were used to make one Gönci barrel (136 l) of wine.

  • Tulsa Deco Bliss Late Harvest Chardonnay 375ML

    Tulsa Deco honoring the demolished Bliss Hotel, this dessert wine is a Late Harvest Chardonnay from Clarksburg, CA. This super sweet liquid gold gets its color from botrytis, the "Noble Rot" responsible for the producution of the best sweet wines in the world. Girouard Vines first dessert wine, Tulsa Deco Bliss, is a deep golden brown color, slightly oxidized like Tokay from Hungary with notes of burnt oranges, apricots, raisins, dates, figs, toffee, butterscotch and caramel. It has enough acidity to round out the luscious nature of the wine. With the ideal dessert pairing, this wine absolutely sings. It's perfect with custard-like desserts, peach, apple, pear, pineapple and pumpkin desserts.