• Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch 12 year old 750ML

    Macallan mahogany, full, slightly sweet; toffee, ginger and dried fruits accompanied by sherry and cloves. Rich in both dried fruit and sherry, with a subtle toffee sweetness and pleasant touch of spice flavour with a touch of sherry sweetness and wood. Medium long.

  • Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch 15 year old 750ML

    Macallan rich copper and amber in color. Sherried, dried fruits on the nose, with aromatic cloves and ginger; hints of orange and toffee/fudge sweetness. On the palate, toffee sweetness, dried fruits, apples and orange, resinous spice - cloves and ginger, slightly nutty, mouth filling and velvety flavour with a touch of sherry sweetness and wood. Rich viscous finish, velvety and warming; long, spicy orange and nutty.

  • Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch 18 year 750ML

    Rich burnished mahogany. Balanced aromas of rich dried fruits & Spanish oak wood spices (ginger & cinnamon). Sweet with summer fruits and light nuttiness. Flavors of dried fruit, resinous, wood spices with a hint of smoke. Lingering wood on the finish, spicy, fruity with light smoke.

  • Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Shackleton Series 750ML

    Mackinlay's colour: light honey, straw gold with shimmering highlights. NOSE: Soft, elegant and refined. Delicate crushed apple, pear and fresh pineapple. Notes of oak shavings and smoke. Hints of vanilla, creamy caramel and nutmeg. TASTE: Plenty of impact on the palate; a tantalising array of flavours,harmonious and exhilarating.

  • McClelland's Islay Single Malt Scotch 750ML

    Color: Warm honey. Body: Full bodied and robust. Nose: Lingering wood cinders of tar and smoke, with just a trace of vanilla and a subtle citrus note. Palate: strong Islay character with traces of sea salt and burnt oak chips. The smokey nature is apparent throughout; a malty vanilla flavor bringing balance to the overall taste. Finish: A powerful Islay aftertaste of sweet smoke with a hint of iodine. 80 Proof Single Malt Scotch

  • McClelland's Speyside Single Malt Scotch 750ML

    Color: Honeyed with golden highlights. Body: Light to medium, elegant and balanced. Nose: A fresh invigorating Speyside malt of mint, menthol and freshly cut pine. Traces of fine dark chocolate and a lingering sweet malt aroma. Palate: An initial fibrous sweet nougat essence is complemented by the savory flavors of brazil and hazelnut. A subtle floral freshness adds a faint perfumed bouquet to the palate. Finish: Short, yet powerful, complex unforgettable. 80 Proof Single Malt Scotch

  • Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 Blended Malt Scotch 750ML

    Monkey Shoulder nose: Delicate floral notes are intertwined with a zesty citrus orange and soft fresh fruits(peaches and apricots.) Hints of honey and spicy oak enveloped with a rich vanilla sweetness. Taste: Beautifully sweet and a rich vanilla flavor. Brown sugar and creamy toffee balanced with oak notes and just a hint of spice (cinnamon and nutmeg). Finish: Exceptionally smooth with a lingering sweetness. On its own it's smooth and rich. However, this is s whisky that loves company and shows its versatility in cocktails.

  • Scapa Orcadian Single Malt Scotch 16 year old 750ML

    Scapa colour: Rich autumn gold. Nose: Sweet and velvety on the nose with flavours of sweet Clementine and heather honey. Taste: Perfectly balanced and rich with a tang of ginger and sweet baked apples. Finish: Rich long very slightly dry with merest hint of the sea.

  • Scoresby Very Rare Blended Scotch Whisky

    This delightful blend of selected rare, light-bodied whiskies possesses mellowness to please the exacting taste of the connoisseur. To the generations of Scotch Whisky fanciers Scoresby is praised for its continuity of quality and is a product of the finest Scottish distilling art.

  • Springbank Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch 10 year old 750ML

    Springbank is one of the very few spirits not to be chill-filtered before bottling. Springbank is truly the most complex and exciting of all malt whiskies. On the nose, this remarkable whisky is extremely aromatic. On the palate, this 10 year-old is both malty and sweet with a long elegant finish. An excellent malt with maturity well beyond its years. 70% Bourbon Cask, 30% Sherry Cask.

  • Talisker Single Malt Scotch 10 year old 750ML

    Talisker appearance: Brilliant gold. Nose: Powerful peat-smoke with sea-water saltiness, the liquor of fresh oysters, and a citrus sweetness. Body: Full. Palate: A rich dried-fruit sweetness with clouds of smoke and strong barley-malt flavours, warming and intense. Peppery at the back of the mouth. Finish: Huge, long, warming and peppery in the finish with an appetizing sweetness.

  • Talisker Single Malt Scotch 18 year old 750ML

    Talisker appearance: Amber. Nose: Rich and fruity Victoria plums, greengages, perhaps dried orange peel with some butterscotch or rum toffee and a thread of smoke behind. The smoke soon advances into the foreground and the toffee note is joined by a light mintiness. With water, those maritime characteristics emerge once again dry boat varnish, edible seaweed. Still sweet; now with notes of iodine and the smokiness of an un-struck match. Body: Full. Pleasant, smooth. Palate: Sweet in front, then more assertive, with a whiff of smoke. The overall effect is warming. The development is towards smoke, coal-tar and toffee. Finish: Medium length. The characteristic chilli 'catch' in the finish is subtly present in the aftertaste.

  • Teacher's Highland Cream Blended Scotch 1.75L

    A deep and robust maltiness shows through at the very start that is accompanied by a gentle highland peat smoke tang. This full flavour slowly fades to allow the sweeter fruitier flavours of apples, pears and heavy honey maturity to show through. Full of depth and substance.There is a challenging and exciting taste that at the same time is round and warming. This superb flavour is full of rich malts and maturity that slowly fades to a silky rounded texture. Well balanced with a clean busy flavoured fullness that ends with a slow fading of flavours. It is said that William Teacher would not give his name to his blend until he had found perfection. Highland Cream was that whisky. At 45% it has one of the highest single malt contents of any blend and uses fully peated Ardmore whisky as it’s fingerprint malt. The combination is incredible depth and smoothness combined with a rich smokey undertones. Truely a masterpiece.

  • The Dalmore King Alexander III Single Malt Scotch 750ML

    The Dalmore aroma: Orange, tangerine, chocolate, plums. Taste: Mixed spice, coffee, Christmas cake, citrus. Finish: Cranberry, orange, spice, vanilla. Over the course of our history The Dalmore's remarkable spirit has been filled to French wine barriques, Madeira drums, sherry butts from Jerez, Sicilian Marsala barrels, port pipes from the Douro and bourbon barrels from Kentucky. Each of these casks has now been united to create an exceptional malt where the individual characteristics of each work together to form a rich, deep spirit. This release commemorates the Mackenzie Clan ancestor's heroic act in saving King Alexander in 1263.

  • The Glenlivet 12 Yr Single Malt Scotch

    The Glenlivet exhibits the delicacy and softness that typifies the region's whiskies. And because it is so perfectly balanced, it almost seems that there's something new to discover every time you drink it. A perfectly rich balance of sweetness, floral fragrance and fruitiness that The Glenlivet develops through more than 12 years of patient ageing in oak casks. The essential ingredients are pure soft, natural water from Josies well and the finest barley & yeast. But it is this magical combination with the timeless skills of the Master Distiller that makes it so special. Colour: Light, Golden. Nose: Perfectly balanced fruity aroma with delicate floral fragrance and vanilla/honey sweetness. Taste: Classically Speyside, a soft smooth balance of sweet summer fruits and the floral fragrance of spring flowers. Finish: Lingering and gentle.

  • The Glenlivet Archive Single Malt Scotch 21 year old 750ML

    The Glenlivet colour: Amber with sparkling copper shades. Nose: Without water: Opulent, mature. Sherry influence. An intricate array of fruit and wood. Christmas cake-like. Sultanas. Maraschino Cherry. Thick-cut marmalade. Oak panels in an old church. A cedary touch. Balsamic spices. Cubèbe pepper. A hint of eucalyptus. Tropical hardwood. Oak soon gives way to malty notes. Fruit and fibre cereal bowl. Toasted granary bread. Citrussy freshness. Orange and kumquat peel. Some cakey notes. A reminder of Grand Marnier soufflé. With water: Water enlightens the fruity bouquet and brings out vanilla notes. Lighter notes of ripe peaches. Pear and marzipan pie. Luscious barley sugar aromas. Rubbed on the hand: Flour, wholemeal-bread dough, then crusty cereal bread. Palate: Without water: Unctuous. Mouth-coating, almost syrupy. Full-bodied. Sultana cake. Ginger biscuits. Oak holds the reins back, releasing a drying spiciness. Cinnamon and ginger. A touch of hot paprika. Walnut and raisins dark chocolate. With water: More sweetness but wood and fruit are not so well integrated. A watery gap at mid-palate. And a bitter note in the finish. Bare oakiness shows up a little blatantly. Finish: Everlasting, warming. Nutty. Toasted hazelnuts. A full layer of liquorice.

  • The Glenlivet French Oak Reserve Single Malt Scotch 15 year old 750ML

    The Glenlivet round, sweet, incredibly smooth and velvety. Wood is entirely integrated but present all the way, sweetly enveloping fruity and nutty flavours in an oaky shell. Luscious chocolate fudge lingers on the taste buds.

  • The Glenlivet Nàdurra Single Malt Scotch 16 year old 750ML

    The Glenlivet Nàdurra is the most natural expression of The Glenlivet. It is batch produced at cask strength using traditional methods. Character: The pure and natural one. Colour: Pale gold with lemony shades. Nose: Fresh, intense and fragrant. Palate: Crisp, with hints of peaches and vanilla. Finish: Long and dry with a licorice tang.

  • The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch 18 year old 750ML

    After more than 18 years in selected casks it becomes a malt whisky of unmistakable honey-rich maturity and depth. Colour: Golden amber. Nose: Rich, with sweet and floral layers. Taste: Honey-rich and toffeed on the palate with nutty, spicy overtones. Finish: Exceptional length of flavour.

  • The Glenlivet XXV Single Malt Scotch 25 year old 750ML

    The Glenlivet XXV is the perfect tribute to the skill and judgement of the craftsmen involved in making this special whisky. The original new spirit character, fruity and floral, has been faithfully retained during years of careful maturation. The final finish in rare ex-sherry butts yields a sublime, intense whisky of powerful yet elegant character. Color: Rich amber with ripe gold hues. Nose: Intense, deep, creamy. The sherry shows itself with luscious fruity and spicy notes. Enticing scents of exotic wood. Creamier notes rising. Orange crème brülée; candied fruit; pineapple. Palate: Silky and caressing. Sweet at first then releasing a full bunch of spices; ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg. Developing dark chocolate and orange peel flavours. Finish: Dry, spicy. Keeps teasing the tastebuds all the way through and comes back on a sweeter fruity note.

  • Tobermory Distillery Single Malt Scotch 15 year old 750ML

    Tobermory Distillery nose: A lovely sherried nose with notes of fig, orange marmalade, hints of leather and a touch of smoke. Palate: Medium to full bodied. Rich sherry fruit cake, milk chocolate, creamy toffee, light oak, a hint of white pepper creating a lovely spicy tang. Finish: Softly spicy, tingling with a nutty note, a hint of salt, lingering then gently fades. Appearance: A tantalising natural colour of golden chestnuts.

  • Usquaebach Old Pure Highland Malt Scotch 15 year old 750ML

    Usquaebach (pronunced Oos: Ke: Bah) is the ancient named derived from the Scottish Gaelic uisge beathe or "the water of life".... the name given by the Celts to the intense, rich and amber nectar we now call whisky. Selected Highland Whiskies from Proprietor's own Special Reserve. Distilled, aged blended and bottled in Scotland. Usquaebach 15 Year Old is a vatted Malt Scotch Whiskey blended from Highland Malts that are no less then fifteen years old.

  • Usquaebach Stone Flagon Blended Scotch 750ML

    Usquaebach Stone Flagon Blended Scotch. The nose is fruity carrying a vanilla tablet sweetness and runs to a grassy, herbal freshness. The smooth and sweet palate is balanced with a rich spiciness. The sweet character lingers on in the finish with Caribbean spices.