• Capel Pisco Reservado 750ML

    The scent reads as fruity and a touch smoky; on the tongue, it's surprisingly sweet, finishing long and fruity, with some herbaceous and vanilla notes on the finish. A smooth and sophisticated pisco, and an excellent value.

  • Christian Brothers Honey Liqueur 750ML

    The Christian Brothers Honey Liqueur is the ultimate in richness and smoothness. The pure lusciousness of Christian Brothers comes from infusing natural honey with the rich taste of Christian Brothers Brandy. The Brandy used in this premium liqueur is hand selected from premium barrels that have been matured to perfection. Enjoy this honey liqueur straight, on the rocks or with your favourite mixer.

  • Christian Brothers VS Brandy

    The Christian Brothers VS Brandy is distilled using the same time-honored pot still production method used with fine Cognacs. This exceptional American Brandy is then aged for 2 to 6 years in oak barrels. Hand selected barrels are then carefully blended to create unequaled smoothness and full-bodied taste in a brandy that is imbued with layers of well-balanced fruit flavors and a warm, lingering finish. •Pot still production •A blend of American and European Brandies •Aged 2 - 6 years in oak Bourbon barrels •Full bodied, layered with fruit flavors and a lingering finish.

  • DeKuyper Apricot Brandy 750ML

    For centuries apricots were considered an aphrodisiac in Europe. Its luscious curves, juicy flesh and sweet taste led people to believe that the eating the prune would unleash the powers of love. All we know is that fresh apricots make fine liqueur. Especially when you blend in some crushed fruit kernels and bring the distillate up to taste with quality brandy. We’ve been doing that for ages.

  • DeKuyper Blackberry Brandy 750ML

    This liqueur is made with extracts of mouthwatering blackberries and fine brandy.

  • DeKuyper Cherry Brandy 750ML

    The brand bartenders trust. DeKuyper Cherry Flavored Brandy brings you all-natural, bartender quality flavor so you can mix classic cocktails or create your own signature drink. DeKuyper is committed to providing you with cordials of the highest quality.

  • Dekuyper Peach Brandy 750ML

    Our peach-flavored brandy is produced using the freshest ingredients. The result is a peach brandy like no other!

  • E&J Brandy VS 80

    First introduced in 1975, E&J VS is our flagship brand and America's most preferred brandy. Popular because it tastes great, mixes well and offers consistent, award-winning quality. Distilled and aged to showcase the elegance of a fine California brandy, E&J VS has flavors of sweet dried fruit and varietal French Colombard, Folle Blanche, St. Emilion and early Barbera wine grapes, balanced beautifully with subtle notes of toasted brown spice and vanilla. E&J VS Brandy is soft and light-bodied with a crisp, clean finish. So good, our E&J VS wins gold medal honors and best of show awards at prestigious international spirits competitions, year after year.

  • E&J Brandy VSOP 80 750ML

    E&J VSOP takes smooth to another level. We age it longer than our VS Brandy, giving it a lush, layered texture. Produced in the style of fine European brandies, it's America's favorite VSOP Brandy because we blend it specifically for richness and full flavor. Our VSOP Brandy begins with a delicate bouquet of sweet and brown spice, delicious notes coaxed from its extended time aging in barrel. On the palate, inviting flavors of vanilla cream, maple and sherry linger into a satisfyingly smooth finish. Critics love it, too. E&J VSOP has earned gold medal and best of show awards at some of the world's most prestigious spirits competitions.

  • Fluid Dynamics The Saratoga 1L

    Fluid Dynamics we are able to assemble our cocktails in 55 gallon oak barrels. We age them for about six weeks. It helps a lot that the blending is done by the same people that distilled the spirits we're using, because they have a good idea of what's going to happen in the barrel. A good drink that is mixed and handed to you is composed of complex and distinctive ingredients. If you take the time to age those ingredients together in barrel, they merge into a richer and more harmonious whole. To our palate, the aged version is about four times as good as a drink that has been freshly assembled. Similar things happen to our whiskies and brandies in the cellar (when we prepare a blend, it takes at least two years, sometimes five, for the components to fully "marry").

  • Germain-Robin Coast Road Reserve Brandy 750ML

    Germain-Robin distilled by hand on our antique cognac still, blended from an appealing mix of richly fruited brandies and deeper, oakier, and more mature distillates. Some of the brandies date back to our earliest distillations. Plenty of pinot noir brandy in the blend; tons of flavor and a finish that lasts for about 50 miles. Superior to major-house XO cognacs. "Dark and brooding"

  • Hiram Walker Apricot Brandy

    Hiram Walker® Apricot Brandy is made with several varieties of tree-ripened apricots for a robust and fruity flavor. The crisp, natural essences are extracted and then expertly blended to ensure fresh, true flavors in every bottle.

  • Hiram Walker Blackberry Brandy 70

    Hiram Walker® Blackberry Brandy is smooth and delicious with a deep berry taste.

  • Hiram Walker Cherry Brandy

    Hiram Walker® Cherry Brandy is smooth and delicious. It has a brilliant, sparkling color, delicate bouquet and true, tart cherry flavor.

  • Hiram Walker Coffee Brandy 60

    Hiram Walker® Coffee Brandy is a rich full liqueur made from carefully selected and percolated coffee beans for a deep coffee color and fresh roasted coffee flavor.

  • Hiram Walker Peach Brandy

    Hiram Walker® Peach Brandy is a delicious blend of fine brandy spirits and delicate, sun-ripened peaches.

  • Korbel Brandy 750ML

    Korbel California Brandy is made at our Central Valley winery, where we crush and ferment only the finest California brandy grapes to make our base wines. The young wines are then distilled in a copper-lined still to ensure the highest level of purity and flavor. The firey heat of the water-white new distillates is slowly mellowed in one of our 30,000 small, American oak barrels. These barrels are specially charred during their construction to leave a layer of natural charcoal in contact with the brandy. This slow barrel aging, incontact with both the oak and the natural charcoal, gives the brandy its golden color and smooth, elegant flavor.

  • Laird's Applejack Brandy 750ML

    Our 12 year old Apple Brandy is the finest American Apple Brandy available. Each of the barrels containing apple brandy are tasted as they rest in our barrel ageing facility. Only the finest barrels are selected for our 12 year old Rare Apple Brandy. Barrels must have a minimum of 12 years of age before they are considered. This product is straight apple brandy and is not blended with any other products. Taste: Some caramel, apple, a little spice. Lacks the complexity of its older unblended siblings. Finish is hot.

  • Paul Masson Grande Amber Brandy

    With premium grapes, innovative blending, and extended aging techniques, Paul Masson Brandy redefines craftsmanship, dedication, and artistry in the brandy category. A special blend of grapes, combined with longer oak aging in once-used bourbon barrels, sets Paul Masson Brandy apart from ordinary two-year-old brandies.

  • Paul Masson VSOP Brandy 750ML

    VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) is a superior oak aged brandy exquisitely blended with French Cognac. This premium blend has a rich flavor, fine aroma, and an ultra-smooth taste profile that includes notes of vanilla, and pralines.

  • Presidente Brandy 750ML

    Clear amber colour and delicate fruity character; charismatic; to be consumed as a long drink with cola or soda. Presidente's new image focuses on the traditional solera process and 100% grape content to demonstrate its high quality.