• Cognac Tesseron Lot No. 29 XO Exception Cognac 750ML

    Cognac Tesseron the rare jewel of the Tesseron collection of Cognacs, a unique blend of legendary Grande Champagne, the cream of our oldest and rarest stocks, lovingly aged for at least three generations. All power and finesse, it has a floral bouquet an a rancio - typical of the very best old Cognac - accompanied by cocoa and coffee overtones. This subtle elixir has an extraordinary long aftertaste, and its lovely amber highlights reflect its very slow ageing. The quintessence of elegance.

  • Cognac Tesseron Lot No. 53 XO Perfection Cognac 750ML

    Cognac Tesseron a blend of our most sublime stocks of Grande Champagne, Cognac. It has a somptuous topaz colour with a bouquet of plums, figs, and chocolate that only decades of ageing can procure. The aftertaste is very fresh, which adds enormously to the pleasure of Cognac connoisseurs. A Cognac that borders on perfection.

  • Cognac Tesseron Lot No. 76 XO Tradition Cognac 750ML

    Cognac Tesseron an exceptional blend of reserve stocks of Grande Champagne Cognac, matured to perfection in old casks. Lot N° 76 immediately establishes its quality on the nose which exhibits a wealth of caramelised peaches, almond and candied fruit aromas. This carries through magnificently on to the palate, with rich, delicate flavours of nuts and dried fruits. A rare range of tasteful sensations.

  • Cognac Tesseron Lot No. 90 XO Selection Cognac 750ML

    Cognac Tesseron Lot N° 90 X.O Sélection is an assembly whose freshness and purity owe all with the promptness of our brandies. A particularly tempting alliance of ardour and complexity that some cubes of ice will be able to emphasize perfectly. A first unforgettable meeting with a large cognac.

  • Courvoisier V.S. 80 750 ML

    Courvoisier VS (Very Special) is a mouth-watering blend of cognacs offering complex fruity notes, with a unique richness and depth.

  • Courvoisier V.S.O.P 80 750ML

    Discerning, elegant and complex, VSOP Fine Cognac develops exceptional aromas of jasmine, peach and toasted almond. This cognac intricately crafted is exquisitely balanced.

  • Hennessy Black 750ML

    Hennessy Black is the highly versatile, decidedly different new Cognac from the world's leading Cognac house. A delightful celebration of contrasts, intense yet surprisingly delicate and smooth. Hennessy Black enchants with distinct aromas of fresh fruit and white flowers. The cognac's refined elegance conceals an unexpected smoothness. Elegant, floral, and distinctively refined. A fresh cognac with scents of jasmine, daffodils, and orange flowers that are delicately mixed with hints of citrus, honey and fresh grapes.

  • Hennessy Cognac VS

    On the nose, Hennessy Very Special brings together an intense and fruity character with oaky notes. On the palate, powerful flavors suggest grilled almonds, supported by notes reminiscent of fresh grapes. Hennessy V.S is a reference in the art of blending with its unique style. The union of warm-hearted and full-bodied flavors, Hennessy V.S endures through the ages and pleases connoisseurs searching for a very special moment.

  • Hennessy VS Flask

    Henessy V.S displays a beautiful bright golden colour. The powerful bouquet is dominated by overtones of oak, giving way to reveal a delicate scent of hazlenuts. Smooth and floral, V.S combines the sweetness of red fruits with a hint of vanilla that lingers on the palate. Hennessy V.S has traditionally been enjoyed neat after a meal, but it is also very popular as a long drink mixed with ice and soda water, tonic, orange juice or ginger ale.

  • Le Reviseur Cognac Spécial VS 750ML

    Le Reviseur old gold in colour. A very fresh nose displays touches of plums and almonds. The nose develops towards dried walnut aromas. The palate is light, pleasant and well balanced.

  • Le Reviseur V.S.O.P Cognac 750ML

    Le Reviseur old gold in colour with amber tints The fruity and elegant nose has an additional touch of spice. The nose evolves to oaky and grilled notes with more pronounced walnut shell. The palate is full with pleasant elegance and a clean finish.

  • Martell Cognac VS 80 750ML

    Martell VS (‘Very Special’) cognac was created over 150 years ago under the ‘Three Star’ name (***) and is enjoyed all over the world. Its harmonious, finely balanced blend makes it the ideal cognac for long drinks and cocktails. Tasting notes: A fresh, harmonious cognac of vigorous character. Aspect: Light gold. Nose: Rich fruit and spice notes framed by freshness: citrus, fresh pear and saffron. Labdanum or rockrose leaves and incense. Woody notes from the fine-grained oak cask. Mouthfeel Wood and spice notes with a pleasant freshness and a velvety texture.

  • Martell Cordon Bleu 750ML

    An explosion of deliciously fruited, spice notes. Elegance linked to aromatic richness. Aspect Deep, golden copper. Nose Orchard fruits : Crystallised plums and apples. Roasted notes : Mocha coffee, toasted almonds, vetiver. Rich spice aromas : Cinnamon, orange tree flower, honey and beeswax. Mouthfeel Well-rounded mellowness. Sustained finish with fruit and spice notes. The preponderance of Borderies eaux-de-vie gives Martell Cordon Bleu an elegant, mellow and complex character.

  • Martell VSOP Medallion with Glass 750ML

    Deep copper color. Reserved aromas of raisins in cream follow through on a soft , slightly flat entry to a dryish medium body with toasted oat, hay, and mild spices notes. Finishes with a brisk pepper spice and white ash fade. A sturdy VSOP for for mixing." Silver Medal.

  • Rémy Martin V 750ML

    Remy Martin V is a 100% distilled grape spirit from the famous Cognac House of Remy Martin, but it is not a Cognac. It is not aged in wood, and as the result of the non-aging and the cold filtration process it undergoes, it is crystal clear in color. Launched in 2010, Remy Martin V, whose name is derived from eau-de-vie, is fresh, smooth, and clean with subtle hints of pear and fresh mint. It is best served in cocktails

  • Remy Martin V.S.O.P.

    The Colour: Vibrant gold. The Aromas and Flavours: Fine Champagne Cognac. Oak notes: Predominantly vanilla, with a hint of liquorice. Fruity notes: The roundness of summer fruits, especially ripe apricots and peaches. Floral notes: The impertinence of wild flowers, particularly violets. The Texture: Silky. The Finish: A perfectly balanced blend of ripeness. 55% Grande Champagne, 45% Petite Champagne

  • Remy Martin VS 750ML

    Golden amber colour; delicate aromas of sweet caramel and spice on the nose with oaky notes; caramel and spice flavours with a smooth, mellow finish.


    TASTING NOTES: “St-Rémy VSOP conveys the taste of small, freshly-picked red berries, while bringing out the sweet vanilla flavour of oak. It is a rounded, balanced spirit that is easy to drink. With its light and subtle nose, St-Rémy VSOP is excellent served as an aperitif or in cocktails.” APPEARANCE: Amber-yellow colour with golden highlights. NOSE: The light alcohol notes are quickly replaced by a wonderful aromatic richness with fruity cherry, gooseberry and wild strawberry flavours. Floral aromas blend subtly with the woody and vanilla tones of oak. The overall effect is pleasing, harmonious and smooth. PALATE: Rounded and smooth on the palate, the sweet, red berry flavour soon becomes more intense.