• Cedar Creek Beef Jerky

    Yes,that’s pepper. It won’t burn your tongue off but it will delight you with the rich flavor of pepper –but the beef shines through. It’s a good satisfying chew. If you want the real thing –real beef jerky made in home made ovens –then Cedar Creek Beef Jerky is the brand for you and this will be your favorite flavor. This hearty hand made food will definitely satisfy your hunger.

  • Chex Mix Jalapeno Cheddar

    Love jalapeno and cheddar? It’s mixed in with Corn Chex™, Wheat Chex™, pretzels, mini breadsticks and crispy cheddar crackers for a tangy mash-up.

  • M&M's Peanut

    "Peanut" M&M's, which feature a peanut coated in milk chocolate and, finally, a candy shell, were the first variety introduced and remain a regular variety

  • Penrose Tijuana Mama Pickled Sausage

    Penrose is proud to be the number-one brand of pickled sausages. Penrose pickled sausages are always made with quality ingredients, and are always ready to eat when youre craving a tasty, savory snack.


    So original it brings original meaning to the word original. Packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. SNICKERS® Brand handles your hunger, so you handle the things in life that aren't related to hunger at all.

  • Turkey Creek Barbeque Flavored Pork Rinds 2OZ

    Need a snack? Grab a bag of Chicharones! These barbeque pork rinds combine a big taste with an even bigger value... plus they’re super crunchy, fun to eat, and full of protein.

  • Turkey Creek Hot Barbeque Flavored Pork Rinds 2OZ

    These are very good pork rinds. When you first bite in, there's a very nice taste, with no hint of hog fat. The heat is pretty good — not dangerously hot, but an impressive kick of hot pepper. There's a mild pork tast a few seconds later, and then a lingering hot aftertaste that hangs around for several minutes.