Francis Coppola Director’s Merlot 750ML

Francis Coppola Director's Merlot 750ML

A rich, Sonoma County Merlot with succulent flavors of plum, blueberries and cocoa. Director’s Merlot is made primarily from Clones 3 and 9, selections that become intensely fruity as they ripen on the vine. Clone 3 grapes contribute traditional plum flavors and lushness while Clone 9 is dense, deeply colored, and more tannic. When we blend these Merlot selections together, we create a perfectly balanced wine, expressive on the palate and long on the finish. Our Director’s Merlot offers excellent body and a bold palate of blackberries, cherries, and currants layered with earthy spices, toasted wood, and a hint of vanilla. Well-toned tannins enhance the wine’s fine structure and a long finish adds to its allure.

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