• Abita Turbodog 6PK 12oz

    Turbodog® is a dark brown ale brewed with pale, caramel, and chocolate malts and Willamette hops. This combination gives Turbodog® its rich body and color and a sweet chocolate, toffee-like flavor. Turbodog® began as a specialty ale, but has gained a huge, loyal following and has become one of our flagship brews. This ale pairs well with most meats and is great served with hamburgers or sausages. It is a good match with smoked fish and can even stand up to wild-game dishes. Turbodog® is also great for marinating and braising meats and cooking such things as cabbage and greens. Colby, Gloucester, Cheddar and blue cheeses go nicely with Turbodog®. It’s perfect with spicy Louisiana jambalaya or Spanish paella. Some even like it paired with chocolate!

  • Absolut Citron Vodka

    Absolut Citron Vodka is smooth and mellow with a fresh fruity character of lemon and lime.

  • Absolut Mandrin Vodka

    Absolut Mandrin Vodka is complex, smooth and mellow. It has a fruity character of mandarin and orange mixed with a note of orange peel.

  • Absolut Mexico Limited Edition Vodka 750ML

    Absolut collaborated with Dr. Lakra an artist from Mexico DC to create the unique packaging design of the Absolut 'Mexico' limited edition bottles.

  • Absolut Texas Limited Edition Vodka 750ML

    Absolut introducing the 8th addition to the Absolut Limited Editions portfolio, Absolut Texas celebrates the larger than life feeling and bold personalities that make the Lone Star State so great. Absolut Texas was designed as a celebration of all the best that contemporary Texas has to offer. It is the first Limited Edition dedicated to a State.

  • Absolut Vanilia Vodka 750ML

    Absolut Vanilia Vodka is rich, robust and complex. It has a distinct character of vanilla, notes of butterscotch and hints of chocolate.

  • Absolut Vodka 80

    The taste of ABSOLUT embodies what vodka is supposed to deliver, a smooth spirit that accentuates any cocktail without disappearing in the mixer. It's perfectly balanced with a slight malt essence and a hint of dried fruit, yet retains the distinct nature of the grain from which it is made.

  • Acacia Pinot Noir Carneros 750ML

    The nose combines smoke, sandalwood, freshly crushed berries, minerals and intricate spice. The silken palate reflects the nose, with thrilling acidity and fine tannins giving shape to the cherry and black raspberry flavors.

  • Acrobat Pinot Gris 750ML

    Acrobat color: Pale straw with golden highlights. Nose: Fresh pear, citrus, honeydew melon. Flavors: Mandarin orange, lemon, kiwi, pear, spice. Mouthfeel: Round entry with nice balance between acidity and residual sugar, clean refreshing finish.

  • Acrobat Pinot Noir 750ML

    Acrobat Color: Bright garnet with ruby tint. Nose: Cherry, cranberry, raspberry, spice. Flavors: Pomegranate, blueberry, tobacco leaf. Mouthfeel: Silky mouthfeel, lively mid palate, round finish.

  • Adegas Morgadio Albarino 750ML

    Adegas Morgadio is one hundred per cent Albariño and the end result of the loving care with which we tend the grapes that grow on the Morgadío Estate. From its very first harvest it has been a luxury Rías Baixas wine, a standard bearer for this designation and the outcome of an outstanding Galician winemaking venture. With intense, clean fruity aromas, great structure in the mouth, well-rounded and with a powerful taste. Full and elegant retro olfaction.

  • Adelaida Finder 750ML

    Salivating grapefruit-like acidity leads to secondary impressions of winter melon, citrus zest and lemon verbena. The invigorating personality of the wine further suggests a mineral component complexed by white flowers and a lingering pineapple freshness. While Finder is an admirable sipping white it would pair well with seafood and especially shellfish.

  • Adelaida Keeper 750ML

    Adelaida the desire is to craft a wine that holds your interest and shows complexity from the blending of five Rhône varieties. Is that cassis, clove, star anise, pepper, wild mushrooms, and oh, oh that hint of rose petal just holds me-darn you're good, that's exactly what I was going to say. Grenache is raspberry. Mourvedre is game, spice, and earth. Syrah is dark berry fruit. Cinsault is softness aromatics, pepper. Counoise is deep purple, spice, floral. An overall engaging complex wine that hits all the senses, stimulates the taste buds and shines at the table. Versatile food pairings abound. Drink now to 2014.

  • Adelina Grenache 750ML

    Adelina the winemaking philosophy is simple: make wines which exhibit a sense of place, the definition of site, climate, and season, whilst utilising minimalist approaches. The Adelina Symbol A circle, within a square, within a circle: our symbol conveys our values. Creativity and passion are represented as the inner circle. Excellence is represented by the square, as it is the standard that we strive for. The outer circle signifies integrity. The two acre block of Grenache was planted circa 1940, the soil is a deep grey sandy loam over a sandstone base. This vineyard is extremely low cropping, where typical fruit yields produce between 50 and 100 dozen wine.

  • Adelsheim Calkins Lane Vineyard Syrah 750ML

    It might seem odd to plant Syrah in the heart of Pinot Noir country, but it’s one of the mysterious charms of the Northwest, where Riesling and Cabernet can also grow successfully side by side. This wine has deep color, excellent balance, true varietal expression, and seductive hints of smoke, cured meat, and a salty tang. Purple berry flavors are just ripe enough; it’s an elegant, restrained style, suggesting that the Willamette Valley can put a unique stamp on this grape.

  • Adelsheim Deglacé 375ML

    Adelsheim even with this sweet wine, we stay true to our winery philosophy that a wine's highest use is in pairing with meals. That means retaining enough of the grapes' natural acidity to ensure that the wine never becomes too cloying. Our Deglacé has amazing strawberry shortcake, citrus blossom, and nectarine aromas that meld with the viscous yet firm texture on the palate. It should prove to be a perfect match with red berry tarts, pumpkin cheese- cake, and a wide range of other desserts.

  • Adelsheim Willamette Valley Chardonnay 750ML

    Adelsheim Chardonnay features intense fruit character and a luscious texture. It offers fresh, crisp flavors of pear, white peach, star fruit and kiwi. It pairs well with rich seafood and poultry dishes, and hard Alpine cheeses - comté, fontina, cave-aged gruyère.

  • Admiral Nelsons Caribbean Rum Coconut

    This tropical delight boasts a deceivingly smooth taste that's always refreshing and never syrupy. Enjoy it on the rocks or blended with your favorite mixer for a tempting cocktail. Bring home the Beach in a bottle of Admiral Nelson's Premium Coconut Rum. Close Your Eyes, Twist the Cap, Inhale and Welcome To The Islands!

  • Admiral Nelsons Cherry Spiced Rum 1.75L

    Savory spices are carefully blended together to achieve a bold flavor. Natural Cherry and Vanilla Flavors are mixed in to give the rum an unprecedented flavor. No matter what you're in the mood for, you can always count on the smooth taste of Admiral Nelson's Premium Spiced Rum. Close Your Eyes, Twist the Cap, Inhale and Welcome To The Islands!

  • Aftershock Cinnamon Liqueur 80 750ML

    Aftershock is a widely popular cinnamon liqueur, with a hot and cool flavor. After Shock starts with a hot blast of cinnamon. Then, take a deep breath for an indescribably cool sensation. Mysterious Crystals- They're natural. They grow and change within the bottle. They're edible too. As the crystals grow,the proof rises slightly over time

  • Alamos Cabernet Sauvignon 750ML

    Deep and rich, our Alamos Cabernet Sauvignon expresses dark berry characteristics that are complemented nicely by slight herbal notes. Oak aging lent complex layers of brown spice and vanilla .

  • Alamos Chardonnay 750ML

    The nose offers light tropical fruit aromas with ripe citrus and floral notes. The mouthfeel is full of concentrated apple and pear fruit flavors with tones of vanilla and sweet spice from oak aging.

  • Alamos Malbec 750ML

    Alamos a classically Argentine wine, our Alamos Malbec blends the deeply concentrated plum flavors of the country's signature variety - Malbec - with small portions of Syrah and Bonarda to add dark cherry and blackberry flavors. Well-integrated hints of brown spice and vanilla contribute layers of complexity. A full structure, firm tannins and a long finish make this Malbec unforgettable.